Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Artist statement - Patrick Madden


I am an artist currently based in Lewes east Sussex and I am and recently finished an MA in fine art at Brighton University, My work, which is geometric forms arranged to achieve harmony and balance between surface, colour, and form, My ideas are centred on uniting abstraction with ancient mystical concepts which has intrigued Modernist artists during the latter part of the 19th century and early 20th.
I use traditional printmaking techniques such as aquatint, monotype, etching and woodcut. My recent work is in part derived from my interest in sacred geometry I am now in the process of developing ideas while trying to grasp the complexity behind such concepts and its relationship to modern Physics such as chaos theory and turbulence.

I am intrigued at how ancient civilisations looked at life and  reality and by incredibly complex geometric concepts they developed theories  for  all forms including man, linking these concepts with universal  phenomena they devised a way of  understanding the  proportions of the geometrical figures obtained in the classical manner by straightedge and compass, and of the harmonic relations of the human being with one another; the structure of plants and animals and natural objects, all of which are manifestations of the universal continuum.

I am also interested in how these concepts and theories resonate with modern thinking and how through my personal understanding of both, modern and ancient, my work can evolve to complement the theories, and including the work itself as part of the process, how the characteristics of the inks influence the surface and become part of the visual vivacity of the final image.

Who needs them anyway- Aquatint Monotype 110cm x70 - 2011

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